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Grey + Blue

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Glastonbury Personal Training Clients See Results Week One!


One of the challenges from the head to head Meeting

One of the challenges from the head to head Meeting

One week down in the m.e.l.t. Weight Loss Transformation Contest and our four Glastonbury bootcamp members are already shedding pounds and killing our bootcamp workouts. Four women dedicated themselves to an 8 week Glastonbury bootcamp program, clean eating diets and a healthier lifestyle. After one week— they can already tell you it’s working.


Melissa Deleon, Glastonbury bootcamp client shared her success on the m.e.l.t. Weight Loss Transformation Facebook page. “I’ve already been asked by a couple coworkers if I’ve lost weight! I’ve lost 3lbs so far and I feel great! It’s extra awesome to
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have it be noticed!” Liza Kuhns, another Weight Loss Transformation member, is also seeing results from South Windsor Personal Training. She lost 5 lbs after just one week as a weight loss m.e.l.t.er!


The program absolutely yields results. But it’s doing even more than that; it’s inspiring members to make healthier choices every day, in everyday situations. Katelin Hawley works as an elementary school teacher. For her, classroom birthday celebrations are frequent. And with birthday celebrations comes temptation, like pizza parties and cupcakes. Because of m.e.l.t.’s bootcamp program, she is now able to resist these unhealthy food options and happily replace them with good-for-her meals.


Kristen Elizabeth took a trip to Six Flags in her first week on the m.e.l.t. Meal Plan— talk about temptation! At an amusement park, usually your only option is fattening fried food. But Kristen was prepared with healthy on the go snacks and meals. “If it wasn’t for the will power of m.e.l.t., I’d be eating grease and fat!” Kristen posted on Facebook.


People just like you have already changed their bodies in just 7 days. Get inspired. Thanks to these four, we sure are.

Make sure to “share” with friends!

Are you ready for rapid fat loss? Email us today to start m.e.l.t.ing fat and feeling amazing! info@meltfitnessstudio.com



Get Your m.e.l.t. Hoodie – 20% off Pre Sale!


Its getting cold out there so warm up with our NEW m.e.l.t. Hoodies! If you order in the link below by Sunday 11/3, you get 20% off – only $24 a hoodie!

You can order multiple sizes for friends + kids!

This isn’t proven, but I think you’ll burn more calories just by wearing the hoodie :) ….well probably not by just wearing the hoodie but you will look DAM GOOD and be nice n warm!

10 oz pre-laundered 80% cotton 20% polyester blend fleece
100% cotton 32 singles face yarn for supreme printability and softness
Split stitch double needle sewing on all seams
Twill neck tape
100% Awesome

Get your hoodie today – click on your size below!


Local “Biggest Loser Contest” w/ South Windsor & Glastonbury Top Personal Trainers

South Windsor & Glastonbury Personal Training Clients performing one of the Transformation Contest Challenges

South Windsor & Glastonbury Personal Training Clients performing one of the Transformation Contest Challenges

You Can Eat Drink and Still Shrink this holiday season!

Time flashes before our eyes, it seems like last month it was May and before we know Holidays will be here…

Most people make one of two mistakes come November:

  1. Follow a super strict, NO wiggle room diet where you have to bring your own food to holiday parties, count calories and watch everyone else have fun.
  2. 2. Say something to the extent of: ah screw it! I’m going to not worry about exercise & diet, have fun, set a New Years Resolution and make it happen next year! The problem obviously is as you know, weight packs on quick n easy, letting go even a few months causes a lot of damage (average person gains 8 lbs of Fat during the holidays). Not to mention, the more time you miss, the harder it will be for you to find motivation to start.

You need something quick n easy to follow where you can lose NOT gain…build momentum into the holidays with a body your family members will certainly be asking what you did….which is totally up to you if you want to share or not.

Join our Transformation Contest…if you follow the proven program, you will LOVE the results you see in the mirror and even if you somewhat follow the program, you will not only avoid fat gain during the holidays (8 lb average) but lose some inches + lbs.

You will get:

-56 Day Diet: This is not one of those crazy restrictive diets, look you will have to make some sacrifices but nothing that disrupts your busy schedule….no starvation. You will look forward to taste, eating and still enjoying the foods you love. I sell this meal plan online, discounted for $47.

Plus you’ll get a blue print how to enjoy every bite at Thanksgiving and lose body fat!

-Must Eat Brands Survival Guide! There’s so much noise out there…what’s healthy and what’s not. The worst thing you want to happen is actually gain fat from eating foods you think are healthy. $19 dollar value!

-NEW m.e.l.t. DECK of Cards: You are going to love these…your new quick n easy solution to m.e.l.t. belly fat at home, in just a few minutes. These will retail for $20.

-Team Swag: We’re taking your opinion on what you want on this shirt so it can be as awesome as possible…something you will be proud to wear. Valued at $20

-Private Facebook Accountability Group: Online coaching, Accountability & Community….you will be surprised at how valuable you will find this…Valued at $158 for 8 weeks.

PLUS 4 SPECIAL BONUSES! (each session would normally be $20 a person)

Four Extra Team 1 Hour Workouts:

· Pump up Meeting on 10/14 at 7:00 pm (At your respective location; South Windsor or Glastonbury

· Head to head Team Challenge 1 on 11/2 at 8:30 am

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in South Windsor (team red v.s team blue in South Windsor)

· Head to head Team Challenge 2 on 11/16 at 8:30 am in Glastonbury (team red v.s team blue in Glastonbury)

· Final Workout on 12/9 at 7:00 pm (At your respective location; South Windsor or Glastonbury


South Windsor Personal Training clients taking on one of the unique, fun fat burning tasks

South Windsor Personal Training clients taking on one of the unique, fun fat burning tasks

Everything You get is valued at $344! But we’re making it super cheap, adding an insane discount because we want everyone doing this program…because we know how effective its going to be.

If you are a current member*, we have 3 options for you

Option 1: Only $57 Per Person (everything above)

Option 2**: Only $87 Per Person – 1 Large Group add on session per week

Option 3**: Only $127 Per Person – Your current membership + add 1 day per week of Accelerated Results Small Group 8:1 Training to maximize your TRANSFORMATION!

*Current 8:1 and Warrior Members get an additional 15% off options 2 & 3!

People new to m.e.l.t. (not members)

Option 1: Only $167 Per Person – 2 Large Group Personal Training Sessions per week for the entire 8-week program

Option 2: Only $197 Per Person – 3 Large Group Personal Training Sessions per week for the entire 8-week program

Option 3: Only $277 Per Person – 2 Large Group Personal Training Sessions + 1 Accelerated Results Small Group 8:1 Training


Reserve your spot now by responding back to this email.

Invite friends and family members to join by forwarding them this email…its proven that the bigger the support system, the easy it is for you to follow. Plus, refer a non m.e.l.t.er and save 10% off any option!

Let us know if you have any questions

Get excited, your transformation begins 10/14!


How it all Began (the story of m.e.l.t.)

how to look better naked

It all started with a book that no one has ever read. How to Look Better Naked was a book I wrote while in college.  At the time I had trained for a couple of years literally all over; on the University of Massachusetts Campus, a bunch of Gold’s Gyms through out New England and in a Health Club for a semester in Brisbane Australia…through my experience working with a diverse range of people; college kids, Professors & Business Professionals, Elderly, people with severe health issues, – you name it, I realized that the training principals from one population to the other are not different…you just have to modify accordingly.

I also began to realized that if the program was designed properly, you didn’t need 60 minutes…I started to discover how to deliver better results in less time.

Looking back, this was that moment the seed for m.e.l.t. was planted…. Young & niave, I figured why not create a book for everyone to read to Look Better Naked? I guess I just assumed everyone would buy it. Without first researching publishing or seeking professional advice, I wrote the book.

I quickly realized he had no idea what to do with this book…For some reason, big time publishers were not knocking on my door!

It became clear I needed a different direction. With the help of my Uncle’s web background and a 16 year old from India, (who I use to stay up super late & wake up early to communicate with due to the time difference), we created a website/blog, www.carabasetraining.com.

During the second Semester of my senior year of college, I landed a very secure and good job at a place where I was interning as I continued to personal train at the Gold’s Gym in Amherst and work on my website. I use to dread the 30 minute drive to Longmeadow (where the job was) and all I could think about when I was there was my website.

I knew there was something bigger for me out there…an opportunity to really make an impact and help a lot of people. Anxious, scared and most of all, INSPIRED, I quit the internship, handed in my offer and decided I was going to start a training business upon graduating.

So with no money, no business plan, no clients and a few pairs of rusty old weights, I started my onsite training business out of my trunk.

in home equipment

For the next year, I pretty much traveled anywhere, trained anyone and did whatever I could do to gain experience. My business operated under “Carabase Training,” “Fit Body Bootcamp,” “Fat Burning Bootcamp,” and “The Fit Tribe.” I had in home clients literally all over, as far as Stonington and Wallingford, Connecticut (30 – 45 minute drives away), a bootcamp with a 1-5 of people at 20 Church Street in Hartford, a bootcamp with 1-6 people in South Windsor at TonSha that we relocated to Meriden then back to South Windsor at Nomads. At any given bootcamp at these locations, some days I would have 5 people, others 1 and sometimes no one…a feeling I will never forget.

During my first year in business, someone had referred me to apply for a job as a Personal Training instructor at Branford Hall Career Institute.

I started teaching part time and shortly got promoted to Direct the Department, while trying to grow an on site personal training business.

Branford Hall was a great experience…certainly gave me a HUGE respect for what teachers do day n day out, year after year… that’s for sure.

I learned a lot there during my time there but the three best parts of that job ended up being three people:

A very smart and hard working girl named Nicole, who had a massage & a retail background. Who asked a ton of questions, was always nervous about her grades yet aced EVERYTHING! She now runs our Communication & Billing at m.e.l.t.

A young, guy with a great sense of humor named Aaron, who played college sports and was looking to start a career in Fitness. He is now our Fitness Director in South Windsor.

An extremely SHY woman named Sue who had a full time job but was looking to learn about Fitness and wanted to do something that helped people. Sue now coaches our Harwinton Bootcamp and a handful of our in home clients.

Aaron and Nicole were both graduating and wanted to intern with me. I had no idea how to have interns or what to have them do, but I felt there was something there and knew we would figure it out so I brought them on board.

After a year and half at Branford Hall, I hit a cross road. I felt there was no more room for personal or professional growth teaching there and I knew that something had to change for my business or else it wouldn’t survive.

I was at a seminar in Kentucky, (which oddly enough ran into one of my clients Kelley Carey on the plane going to Kentucky) and heard a quote that changed my life. Pat Risgby (one of my mentors) said something to the extent of: You don’t know your limits. What ever limits you see are self imposed….You can’t fail if you learn from the situation.

 Something clicked. In that moment I decided to open my first location in South Windsor.

The next week I signed a lease to start in August (it was June at the time).

I had a planned vacation to cruise the Caribbean, right after I signed the lease. On the boat, I was jotting down ideas for what my wanted my company to be about and what is was going to be called.

first melt brain storming

After about an hour of writing, “m.e.l.t. more energy, less time” struck me. IT embodied my philosophy for my training style and sounded pretty dam cool, I must say.

Fast forward to today:

The original m.e.l.t. location in South Windsor that opened in 2010, was moved to a place 3.5 x times the size where we have some exciting renovations & future expansion planned.

m.e.l.t.  Harwinton started in late 2010 in a small extra room at a massage school and now has moved to a bigger space at Courtside Plus.

m.e.l.t. Glastonbury started in a long, narrow space in Spring 2011, than moved to a place 3x the size where we are now, but have some exciting relocation plans!

We broke into the mobile market with our “m.e.l.t.30” FREE app launched in May 2013.

And our NEWEST venture, the m.e.l.t.30 At Home Fat Loss & Strength DVD! 9 m.e.l.t. style, follow along workouts; Upper & Lower Body Cardio Strengthening, Fat Burning Bootcamp (2x), Core & Cardio (2x), The “Push” & “Pull” Sculpt Series and m.e.l.t.ed Yoga. The DVD will launch locally August 12, 2013 and will launch online early Fall.

As for my book How to Look Better Naked, its still under my bed. But showing myself I had the ability to write a book, lead to me writing & co authoring five books:

  • Co Authoring Total Body Breakthroughs (an international best seller)
  • The 1 hour a Week Workout
  • Get Dress Ready
  • Food Logging Made Simple
  • Co authoring The Little Black Book of Fat m.e.l.t.ing Workouts

What’s next?

We are going to continue to evolve to provide an even better coaching experience for our clients.

We will also be expanding m.e.l.t. into NEW markets to help more people in different areas.

Take Away Lessons For You

Looking back on everything, I am truly amazed at the journey. Its been 4 years in business (3 years for m.e.l.t.) and nothing came easy. We have made a lot of mistakes that took up a lot of time, money and energy. There has been aof ups and downs (thankfully mostly ups), but we continue to m.e.l.t. forward.

Wherever you are right now in your life, you’ve got to follow your heart and aggressively pursue what you want in life. You need to understand however, that wanting something is FAR different from getting something. Nothing is easy on your journey towards your goal and don’t be mistaken, it’s a journey – nothing meaningful is one n done. You’re going to have to believe in yourself when no else does, embrace challenges, get knocked down and willing to get back up, make difficult decisions, put yourself out there, detach your ego to let yourself learn and go all in.

But its all worth it.

2013 and onwards –

just m.e.l.t.it!


Try This Fun Exercise With Your Kid (youth fitness)


Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class

To celebrate our NEW Summer Youth Group Personal Training, I wanted to give you one of our favorite exercises for kids that work on:

  • Full Body awareness
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Cardio (do 10 of these and your heart rate will be cranked!)


As babies we’re actually born with good movement mechanics. As kids spend more time on the couch with facebook, TV and video games, they lose proper movement mechanics. This not only sets them up for injury but also weight gain and all the physical and emotional consequences of that.


Scramble to Balance

  1. Have your kid start in the push-up position.
  2. Tell him or her what leg to balance on.
  3. Count down 3-2-1 and have him or her push up as quick as they can to balance on one leg.


Do 5 each leg.  If your kid is having trouble with this, email us we can show you a regression. If they can do this no problem, oh baby let us know! We can progress this on several levels!


Not only does this take coordination and strength, it enables your kid to quickly connect what they hear, process it in their brain and send a signal to his/her body. In addition to physical fitness, exercises we do like this one actually help your kid process things quicker in the classroom.


Today, do this exercise with your kid. Do it together! You will personally find it challenging too, especially if you haven’t been actively involved in fitness your entire life…which unfortunately is too common now a days.

A lot of our personal training and bootcamp clients were not taught fitness as kids and how to incorporate fitness into their lives. Whats more alarming, is some of our woman personal training and bootcamp clients were told they were “not athletes” and have physical limitations. Eh…

That sort of wrongful negativity leads people down the wrong path…no wonder why our population is obese. You can’t expect kids to teach themselves fitness.

If you weren’t taught how to balance fitness in your life as a kid, chances are you will not be a healthy adult as life only gets more challenging.


Let us help your kids. Right now, we’re offering our Group Youth PT for only $69 per month. Special ends soon, email us now to get him or her started.




Real Life & Long Term “Biggest Loser” Bootcamp & Personal Training in South Windsor, Glastonbury & Harwinton

Biggest m.e.l.t.er Mystery Challenge #3

Biggest m.e.l.t.er Mystery Challenge #3



Our bootcampers and personal training clients who are doing our

Biggest m.e.l.t.er Transformation Challenge inspired this post.

They’re doing an amazing job not just physically, but mentally.

The reality is:

“Fitness is easy once you realize how hard it is.”

Muscles don’t build themselves. You need to cause stress with challenging resistance and focus in the right program for an extended period of time…

Eating clean 80% of the time means you need to make sacrifices…you can’t just eat and drink everything you want all the time…

Losing body fat is inevitable so as long as you commit workout program like m.e.l.t. and to making clean dietary changes over a period of time. NOT two weeks, 3 moths etc,…as we’ve seen clients lose 40 lbs in one month, those numbers aren’’t typical and best results happen after the longer period of time you put in.

I don’t care what anyone else says, we’re not talking rocket science here – that is all you need to do!

Accept it and start taking action.

Once you do, YOU will transform.


One of our South Windsor Bootcampers Deanna is following our 49 day diet, which allows for a cheat meal each week. She purposefully only ate half because she can! That is, she can control it and just wanted a little taste. Prior, she wouldn’t of ate as cleanly during the

week and would have had the entire meal.

Another one of our South Windsor Bootcampers Amy went out with friends (at a bar) and did not give in to drinking with the rest of her friends.

Courtney was at a Bachelorette party this weekend:

Well I had my weekend away with all my girls from college (bachelorette long weekend). I was having a hard time with figuring out how I would stay on track, as a weekend with old friends is usually a recipe for disaster. So I packed up all the things I would need to stay on track foodwise. I knew I would be off here and there, but thought if I have the stuff with me I will do better and I did. My food was pretty much on track the entire 4 days, except one late night munching of Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips (which I brought knowing everyone would be eating chips and salsa) and thought it would be better than the potato chips, pita chips and tostitos they were bringing

These are just a few of many mini transformations that are going on right now mentally.

Small bits of progress like cutting portions and saying “no” to drinking make or break YOUR body overtime.

Physically these m.e.l.t.ers are transforming as well…just today one of our bootcamper in South Windsor Sara is down two pants sizes!! Among many others…

Your decision to transform is simple. Either commit or do not. These m.e.l.t.ers committed

the results speak for themselves.



PS: You m.e.l.t.ing right now? If not, email us so we can hook you up with a free personal training and/or bootcamp trial membership info@meltfitnessstudio.com 

Glastonbury Personal Trainer on 6 Ways Uncertainty Can Help YOU Get a Better Body

m.e.l.t. workout (bootcamp) and (personal training facility) putting personal trainer clients through the ring of fire with bands

m.e.l.t. workout (bootcamp) and (personal training facility) putting personal trainer clients through the ring of fire with bands




1.   Performing a movement YOU never done before e.g sledge hammer slam, dynamic isometric squat.

2.   Using an implement for the first time or a variation for the first time e.g TRX suspension trainer, kettlebell windmill etc,.

3.   Performing a density set for more volume e.g our Little Black Book of Fat m.e.l.t.ing Workouts were given to all of our bootcampers and personal training clients who did our Biggest m.e.l.t.er Challenge (our version of biggest loser). The book is full of 31 density workouts where their goal is to do more each time.

4.   Challenging yourself to something you are uncomfortable with;  do yoga, run anm adventure race, m.e.l.t. (if you’ve never m.e.l.t.ed before, come join the party!

5.   Tasting foods you either have never experienced or have not had in years – don’t let the younger you be the judge!

6.   Breaking old habits for new ones; belonging to a gym you never to go to for m.e.l.t.ing four plus days a week, using exercise machines at a gym for suspension and various other types of cross training during our bootcamp & personal training sessions, drinking diet coke for hydrating properly with .55 x your bodyweight in oz’s daily etc,.

This is NOT to say go to the EXTREME and do only uncertain activities all day all the time. We like to start our new personal training and bootcamp members off slowly. We are not the personal training facility, bootcamp or cross fit affiliate that will try to put new people, whom we have no idea of their fitness level, through the ringer the day one.

But once we get to know your fitness level, game on!

Our personal training and bootcamp run on the following premises;

Simple to complex

Light to heavy

Stable to unstable

You m.e.l.t.ing right now? If not, email us so we can hook you up with a free personal training and/or bootcamp trial membership info@meltfitnessstudio.com

See you at bootcamp!


Glastonbury & South Windsor Personal Trainer Snack For Busy People

Good afternoon!

As you know we are offering our entire clientele an opportunity to bring in a m.e.l.t. Talk FREE of charge, just out of appreciation for you being awesome!

You can pick any one of the following topics:

-”3 “Health” Foods that are making us fat”

-”The 5 Best Snacks for the Busy Professional Looking to m.e.l.t. Fat”

-”5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity & m.e.l.t. Fat At Work”

How the m.e.l.t. Talks it works:

  • Confirm your social group or work place is within 15 miles from Hartford and will have at least 5 people.
  • Email us the contact info for the person in charge of booking Company/Group Wellness events; name, email and phone number.
  • Send us three potential dates and times.
  • Survey your team/group for the topic of interest.
  • Send us the chosen topic and we confirm a date

Today I’m going to share with you one of the healthiest snacks for busy people. It’s probably something you have never thought to eat as a snack but its:

  • High protein
  • Low calorie
  • Good tasting
  • Great energy source (very little calories outside of protein, fiber & fat.

LIMA Beans!

Personal Trainer’s Advice on Cooking Lima Beans

If you prefer something simpler, just EVOO and Sea Salt work just fine!

Since this is a well-balanced snack, it can serve as a small breakfast or anytime snack.

This is one of many under the radar healthy snacks that fit perfectly into the busy life styles of our bootcampers and personal training clients. To find out more, email us to book a m.e.l.t. Talk at your company or social group: info@meltfitnessstudio.com.

If you haven’t m.e.l.t.ed yet, email us and mention “lima beans” for a FREE two week trial to our m.e.l.t. Large Group Personal Training aka m.e.l.t.ed bootcamp: info@meltfitnessstudio.com subject: “lima beans”

Have an awesome day!